Summaries of recent topical articles

Germany’s association for library and information professionals BIB („Berufsverband Information Bibliothek“) publishes a monthly journal for members.

Labelled „BuB – Forum Bibliothek und Information“ (Forum Library and Information) this journal and its archive of German monthly issues (one year embargo to open access)  provides English summaries of its most interesting articles. We have been permitted to publish these summaries here for information of international colleagues.

BUB 12/2021: A Showcase for the Berlin State Library / Completion of the »State Library Treasure Chamber« Expected for 1st Quarter of 2022 (Gudrun Nelson-Busch, Carola Pohlmann) +++Digital Services for Cultural Institutions in Thuringia / The Thuringia University and State Library of Jena Supports Cooperative Projects with Local Bodies (Petra Kunze, Lea Satzinger)+++Needs and Problems of Library Pedagogy / Results of a Survey of Academic and Public Libraries (Kerstin Keller-Loibl, Eleonora Schneider)

BUB 11/2021: More Than a Conference for Librarians / Background to the Petition »Update the Name for the Bibliothekartag« (Nik Baumann, Claudia Frick, Jan Jäger, Sabrina Ramünke)+++Interlude / The New Venues of the Munich Public Library (Isabella Kratzer, Mareike Post, Melanie Ratjen)+++Library for Everyone? / LBGTQIA+ Users and Public Libraries in Norway (Kira M. Del Mar)

BUB 10/2021: Digital Media Relying More on Subscribers, Less on Banner Ads / Quality Has Its Price – and Customers Are Willing to Pay It / Subscriptions Are Booming, but Consumers Often Overlook Rise in Their Monthly Expenses (Boris Hänßler)+++Focussing on Staff, not Users / User Experience from a Different Perspective / How Staff Members’ Motivation Can Be Increased (Annika Siranusch Dolabdjian, Tobias Seidl, Cornelia Vonhof)+++Where Schools Fail, Public Libraries Are in Demand / New Educational Apps for Children’s and Youth Libraries (Thomas Feibel)

BUB 08/09/2021: The Library as a Learning Space in Times of a Pandemic / Contemporary Learning Styles and Digital Education Programmes in Public Libraries (Gabi Fahrenkrog)+++Can Bookmobiles in Schleswig-Holstein Become Mobile Third Places? / Developing Concepts for the Future of Bookmobiles in Rural Areas (Kathrin Reckling-Freitag)+++What is Meant by Library Pedagogy and What Are Its Most Urgent Fields of Action? / A Working Group Presents a Discussion Paper and Requests Broad Participation (Frank Raumel)

BUB 07/2021: The Library as a Learning Space in Times of a Pandemic / Contemporary Learning Styles and Digital Education Programmes in Public Libraries (Gabi Fahrenkrog)+++Can Bookmobiles in Schleswig- Holstein Become Mobile Third Places? / Developing Concepts for the Future of Bookmobiles in Rural Areas (Kathrin Reckling-Freitag)+++What is Meant by Library Pedagogy and What Are Its Most Urgent Fields of Action? / A Working Group Presents a Discussion Paper and Requests Broad Participation (Frank Raumel)

BUB 06/2021: We Are Still Here! / How the Coronavirus Pandemic Transformed the Idea of LIVE and How We Will (Also) Experience Conventions and Events in the Future (Kerstin Mordhorst)+++Forms of Digital Professional Development and their Challenges / An Overview and Guide for the Transformation Process (Ursula Georgy)+++The Makerspace in Wittlich / Unlimited Possibilities for Those Who Are or Want to Become Makers (Elke Scheid)

BUB 05/2021: The Digital Transformation of Libraries / The German Library Association Supports Library Development with Various Programmes – Especially during the Pandemic (Kristin Bäßler)+++Staying Visible and Effective During a Pandemic / Innovations at the City Library of Duisburg Despite and Due to COVID-19 (Jan-Pieter Barbian)+++ARDUINO on Tour / The Mobile Makerspace of the City Library of Frankfurt am Main (Elke Lang, Elfriede Ludwig)

BUB 04/2021: The Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin’s Location in Haus Unter den Linden Re-Opened / 7 Reading Rooms with 660 Seats – Support for Research and Cultural Inquiries from around the world+++One Library, Many Faces / Opportunities and Possibilities for School Libraries as Media Centres (Jana Haase, Dominik Theis)+++Together We Are Less Alone / School Libraries in Educational Partnerships in the City of Frankfurt am Main (Hanke Sühl)

BUB 02-03/2021: Important Milestones Achieved / Expansion of Barrier-Free Services Continues at Neuss City Library (Claudia Büchel)+++A Pioneer’s Birthday / The City Library of Spandau Turns 100 – Landmark Innovations Set the Trend for all of Germany (Katrin Seewald, Ina Wolter)+++Support in Coping with the Digital Revolution / Senior Citizens as Recipients of Library Pedagogy (Robert Langer, Marina Strohm)

BUB 01/2021: Commotion in Seedorf / Primary School Pupils Act as Junior Fake Hunters to Uncover False Information (Kathrin Reckling-Freitag)+++What Coworking and Libraries Have in Common / Basic Considerations and a Few Case Studies (Johanna Voll)+++Strengthening Local Cultural Education / An Interview with Kornelia Haugg, of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, About »Kultur Macht Stark« – and its Implementation During the Covid-19 Pandemic.


BUB 12/2020: Room, Kitchen, Bath, Office / Remote Work Will Still Be With Us after the Pandemic – With Wide-ranging Consequences for the World of Work (Boris Hänßler)+++German Unification On a Small Scale / Why maintaining two locations was an important signal and why the digital revolution is an even stronger reason than the peaceful revolution of 1989 to re-examine librarians’ self-conception (Thoughts by Wolfgang Schäuble, President of the German Bundestag)+++Retrieved? / Report Findings of an RFID-UHF Pilot Project for Locating Library Holdings (Michael Schaarwächter)

BUB 11/2020: In the Palace of Contemplation, in the Temple of Knowledge / How the Homeless and the Poor Use Libraries (Sylvia Rizvi)+++Books for Boys Only! / How We Influence the Lending Patterns of Our Patrons (Milena Eberhard)+++»With Tranquillity of the Soul, a Spirit of Scepticism and a Drive for Action« / Konrad Umlauf in an Interview about Libraries in Research and Teaching, the Relevance of Library Associations in the 21st Century and a Long List of Publications (Ute Engelkenmeier, Steffen Heizereder)

BUB 10/2020: »Longing to get away« / Trends in Digital Media Developed This Year In the Shadow of the Pandemic – Where Innovations Arose Out of Necessity (Boris Hänßler)+++Strategic Development at the Central Library Agency of Lower Saxony / Advisory Office for Public Libraries Takes Part in National Project »ForWhomItMayConcern #digital« – Using the Chances and Benefits of Digitalisation to Better Advantage (Angelika Brauns)+++Reading Does It / A Reading Promotion Plan for the District of Biberach (Corona Eggert, Frank Raumel)

BUB 08-09/2020: The Future of the City / Why and How Urbanity Will Shape Our Society in the Future (Robert Kaltenbrunner)+++On the Offensive, Differentiating and Contextualising / How Public Libraries Can Handle Nonfiction Books from the Right-Wing Spectrum – A New Bachelor Thesis Offers Recommendations (Kirstin Grantz)+++Talking and Networking Over Coffee and Cookies / »Dialog in Deutsch«: Ten Years of Success with No End in Sight (Uta Keite)

BUB 07/2020: Customer- Oriented Communication – What Matters Most / Tips and Tricks for Successful Communication with Users (Joana Hientz)+++An Existential Crisis / The Consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic for Public Libraries in the Case of the City Library of Duisburg (Jan-Pieter Barbian)+++Cultural Policy Committee Activities / Representing Library Interests in the German Cultural Council (Klaus Ulrich Werner)

BUB 06/2020: Much Library, Little Pedagogy, Putting Library Instruction into Context (Richard Stang)+++Invisible: School Libraries: Little Funding, Little Space, Lack of Qualified Staff: The Problems of Libraries in Schools Are Large Ones (Angelika Holderried, Frank Raumel)+++Ten Become One: The Path to the New Special Library Philologicum (Manuel Frische, Laura Meier, Barbara Moser)

BUB 05/2020: Ongoing Crisis Management Rather Than Welcoming the German Library Conference /The City Library of Hanover in Times of the Coronavirus (Carola Schelle- Wolff)+++Interconnected Narrative and New Directions in Digital Spaces / Erika Mann. Kabarett Artist, War Reporter, Political Speaker, An Exhibition at the Monacensia in the Hildebrandhaus (Anke Buettner)+++[Careerfield.rebooting…] / What Does the Career Field Library and Information Stand for Today? Developing a Contemporary Definition of Library (Ute Engelkenmeier, Luis Moßburger, Frauke Schade, Wolfgang Stille)

BUB 04/2020: Where’s the News? / Digital Journalism in Search of Its Identity. Perhaps That is What Society Needs in the Long Run (Boris Hänßler)+++The Press – Yesterday and Today / Introducing: The Institute for Newspaper Research (Astrid Blome)+++Lateral Entrants in the Library / The Library as Workplace: On Integrating Diverse Professional Backgrounds within a Library Staff (Karin Holste-Flinspach)

BuB 02-03/2020: Libraries and the Climate Crisis / A Mega Topic through 2030 and Beyond (Jan-Pieter Barbian)+++With Bourdieu in the Library / Taking a Critical Look at Today’s Library Spaces (Karsten Schuldt)+++Major Bookmobile Gathering in Hanover / Leadership and Agile Operations / A Model for a Stable and Dynamic Framework in a More Complex and More Digitalised Future (Martin Lee, Daniela Poth, Friederike Sablowski, Frauke Untiedt, Isabelle Tannous, Cornelia Vonhof, Maike Arensmann, Katrin Glatzel)

BuB 01/2020: Talent Management in Libraries!?! / How Library Staff Can Be Motivated (Petra Düren)+++Library Assistants 2020 / Good Employment Chances in a Multi-professional Setting (Karin Holste-Flinspach)+++Opening up to Diversity Creates New Opportunities / Despite Resistance: The Process of Opening up Libraries is Already Being Taken for Granted (Denise Farag, Ruth Hartmann)

BuB 12/2019: Books for All – Thanks to the Marrakesch VIP Treaty / Facilitating Access to Published Works Now Easier (Christiane Felsmann)+++Digital Accessibility / Tips and Information on Accessibility in Documents and on the Internet (Julia Dobroschke)+++Major Bookmobile Gathering in Hanover / Impressions of the First International Mobile Libraries Conference (Johannes von Freymann)

BuB 11/2019: Libraries – Democracy – Civil Society / Libraries as Sites of Active Democracy – A Call for More Political Support (Maria Fentz, Anne Wellingerhof) +++ Must Libraries Remain Neutral? / A Commentary on the Issue of Neutrality (R. David Lankes) +++ Dialogue and Change in International Librarianship / A  Report on the 85th IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) in Athens, Greece (Eva Bunge, Anne-Kathrin Wallmann)

BuB 10/2019: Libraries Are More Cherished Than Ever / An Overview of the Norwegian Library Scene (Almuth Gastinger) +++ Digital Credibility / Introducing: Media and Technology Trends at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Boris Hänßler) +++ The Role of the School Library in Schools of the Future / Focus on Pedagogical Function (Sofia Malmberg)

BuB 08-09/2019:  Erasmus+ : More Than Promoting Mobility / The Programme Options for Libraries and Library Projects (Hannah Neumann) +++ A Cathedral of Knowledge and Communication / In Utrecht a New Central Library Is Being Established in the Historical Main Post Office (Jan-Pieter  Barbian) +++ Reacting to Changing Parameters / Public Libraries in Greece (Valentini Moniarou-Papaconstantinou, Evgenia Vassilakaki)

BuB 07/2019:  Does Participation = Participation? / On the Uncertainties of Wider Participation in Libraries (Karsten Schuldt) +++ Something‘s Happening Here / Digital Participation in the Munich Municipal Library. A Workshop Report (Katrin Schuster) +++ First Module Successfully Completed / The Strategic Development Process of the Neuss City Library (Claudia Büchel)

BuB 06/2019: »Putting Up with Freedom!« / On the Impositions Caused by Free  Speech and Freedom of Information (Hermann Rösch) +++ New Competencies Through Cooperation / Reading Promotion and Media Education with Tablets in Rhineland-Palatinate (Christian  Kleinhanß, Norbert Sprung) +++ »I am not a refugee, I am Marwa« /  The City Library of Cologne Collects Stories of Refugees and Displaced Persons (Sebastian Abresch, Sarah Dudek)

BuB 05/2019: Libraries and Heritage Preservation / An Overview (Olaf Eigenbrodt) +++ No Need to Fear Internal Quality Management Auditing / Strengthening the Organisational Culture of Learning and Error Tolerance with Creative Auditing Methods (Katja Bartlakowski)

BuB 04 / 2019: Truth or Fake News? / A Political Challenge and Its Consequences for Libraries (Jan-Pieter Barbian) +++ The Crisis Years of Journalism / A Journalists‘ Cooperative Seeks to Strengthen Trust in High-Quality Journalism (Christian Schwägerl) +++ Oodi – an Ode to Finland‘s Libraries / New Building Opened in Helsinki (Beate Detlefs)

BuB 02-03 2019: »School 7« is »Public Library of the Year 2018« / A Milestone in Urban Renewal –Three-Year Old Library Connects Harbour with City Centre (Anita Ruder) +++ »It‘s all about living the library as a democratic place« / The New Librarian Director of ekz,  Johannes Neuer, Speaks About Significant Differences Between German and American Libraries in BuB-Interview +++ 100 Years of ZBW / The Developmental Stages of a Scholarly Library (Doreen Siegfried)

BuB 01/2019:
More Tinkering, Less Swotting / The Cologne City Library Mobilizes Interest in STEM (Hannelore Vogt) +++ Explore – Experiment – Learn / Schleswig- Holstein‘s Mobile Makerspace (Jessica Witt) +++ Turbulent Times for Research and Teaching / 90th Anniversary of the Institute for Library and Information Science in Berlin (1928/29-2018/19) (Elke Greifeneder, Christoph Hussel,
Kirsten Schlebbe)

BuB no. 12/2018:
The U.N. Agenda 2030 – a Call to Action! / International Initiatives and Model Projects in the Library Sector (Petra Hauke) +++ Knowledge on Wheels / Duisburg City Library‘s New Bookmobile (André Behrendt) +++»Salto Wortale« – The Children‘s LiteratureFestival in Hanover /  Daily Life as Adventure:  How reading stories can have an impact on the everyday life of children (Laura Kobsch) 

BuB no. 11/2018:
70 Years Old and 70,000 Pages Strong / Looking Back Upon Seven Decades of BuB and Making Wishes for the Future (Carola Schelle-
Wolff) +++ BIB-OPUS – the German-Language Repository for Library and Information Specialists / The Institutional Repository also Holds
Articles from BuB – Metadata Available for Issues Since 1981 – Full-text to Follow (Christoph Ackermann) +++ Long-Term Digital Preservation at Leibniz Information
Centre (TIB) / Permanent Preservation of Safely Accessible Data – Also as a Service to Other Institutions (Thomas Bähr, Franziska Schwab)

BuB no. 10/2018:
 Phones that Talk / The Spoken Word, Smartphonesand AI – The Leading Trends of 2018 in the Media Industry Make it a Year of Dying Ideas (Boris Hänßler) +++ Peripheral Regions of Former Empires Are Moved to the Foreground / Analogue and Digital Records about Georgia at the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (Tillmann Tegeler) +++ The Presence of the Past / The New Exhibit of the German Exile Archive 1933-1945 at the German National Library (Jan-Pieter Barbian)

BuB no. 08/09 2018:

Increasing Number of Jobs Remain Vacant / Results of a Survey on Employment in Libraries of Baden-Württemberg +++ Training and Continuing Education: Cornerstones of Staff Recruitment at the Hamburg Public Libraries / More Personnel Through Options for Internships and Softening Classical Stereotypes (Andrea Beyer, Janette Achberger) +++ International Orientation, Interdisciplinary Projects and Creative Programming / The Next Library Conference Berlin 2018 (Tim Leik, Juliana Pranke)

BuB no.07/2018:

New Working Environments in Libraries / Factors in Designing and Planning Up-to-Date Workplaces for Library Staff (Olaf Eigenbrodt) +++ University as Workplace / A Little »New Work« Is Not Bad (Cornelia Vonhof) +++ A Spectacular Library Facility in China / Tianjin- Binhai Attracted Over One Million Visitors in Five Months (Xiufeng Liu)

BuB no. 06/2018:

Right-Wing Publishers and their Products / Should Books from Rightist
Publishers Be Included in Library Collections? (Jörg Sundermeier) +++ A Political View of Science / New BuB Series – Part 1: The Scientific Establishment and the University (Haike Meinhardt) +++ Traces of 1968 / How the Ideas of the 1968 Generation Entered Librarianship (Birgit Dankert)

BuB no. 05/2018:
Apps for Culture and Education / The Bavarian State Library‘s Experiments and Experiences with the Mobile Web (Klaus Ceynowa) +++ The Next Digital Wave / Apps and Libraries: Let‘s Rethink All This… (Christoph Deeg) +++ Goethe Librarians Discover the Greater Munich Area / A Study Tour to Libraries in Germany (Hanna Dede)

BuB no. 04/2018:
Ethical Principles / A Critical Appreciation of BID‘s Newest Professional Standards for Librarians (Hermann Rösch) +++ UNESCO Calls for Cooperation in Educational Networks / The Role of Libraries in the U.N. Agenda 2030 (Stefan Volkmann) +++ Simply Read! / Inclusion and Involvement with »Simple Language« (Dorothee Mammel)

BuB no. 02/03 2018: I, Robot, Can Help You,Librarian / The Max Planck Institute Luxembourg‘s Library as Trailblazer (Juja Chakarova) +++ A Year With NAO / A Humanoid Robot in the City Library of Cologne (Babett Hartmann) +++ Hindsight – Insight – Foresight / 75 Years of Library Training in Stuttgart (Cornelia Vonhof, Ulrich Wesser)

BuB no. 01/2018: Subject Cataloguing in the Year 2018 / On Overview (Heidrun Wiesenmüller) +++ Automated Subject Cataloging at the German National Library / A Broad Collection Policy Places High Demands on Algorithms for Statistical and Linguistic Analysis (Elisabeth Mödden, Christa Schöning-Walter, Sandro Uhlmann) +++ A« for Artwork / Art and Works of Art in the State Library of Berlin (Gabriele Kaiser)


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