About this Library Portal?

  • How many libraries exist in Germany – and why are frequent library visits worthwhile?
  • Who funds library projects and what is the best way to convince potential investors of a project’s merits?
  • Which digital media and services are offered by libraries?
  • How does the library sector develop at an international level?

The Library Portal („Bibliotheksportal„) as the cooperative information service offered by the Network of Excellence for Libraries (knb) answers all these questions and provides a wide range of additional information. The portal informs about library offers and services and supports their work with the latest expert information.

www.bibliotheksportal.de is your door to the library world, if

  • you work in a library or would like to work in a library
  • you are helping to shape the future of libraries in politics and public administration
  • you are a journalist with an interest in libraries and/or the educational sector
  • you would like to win libraries as partners for cooperation
  • you are a library user looking for more information about libraries and their diverse range of services

Information available at the Library Portal

Together with general data and facts about the library sector, the library portal presents reflections and debates on the future role of libraries and examples of best practice, showcasing successful pioneering projects. 

Access to the portal is structured thematically, providing you with in-depth information about a wide range of subjects, including

  • the role of libraries in our modern (information) society
  • new developments in copyright law and the discussion about free access to information
  • activities in the area of reading promotion as well as information and media literacy
  • modern management methods for a legally secure and efficient library management
  • introduction of new technologies for an improved customer service, such as RFID
  • strategic concepts and planning principles

The subject areas are constantly widened and updated and – in addition to introductory texts – also include useful collections of links and practical examples applicable to library work.

Dates and news inform about interesting events and current developments. The portal’s Twitter account shares daily news with its followers.

A search function on the pages of the Library Portal and other, thematically relevant websites are also included in the service package.

Cooperative editorial team

The Library Portal is the result of a cooperation between different institutions and individuals: The Library Portal is a service offered by the German Library Association (dbv) within the framework of the Network of Excellence for Libraries (knb). It is funded by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the “Länder” in the Federal Republic of Germany. It was initially realised as a module of the project “Science Portal b2i”, initiated by the German Research Foundation. A network of dedicated library specialists works on the contents, ensuring professional expertise and up-to-date information.

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